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What should I avoid when wearing Hair Extensions?Updated 10 days ago

1) Note that environmental factors may have an affect on the longevity of your tape. It's always a good idea to cover up your hair in high summer heat/tropical conditions (especially around where the adhesive connects to your natural hair). Wearing a hat will keep the hair protected from the sun and assist in maintaining the longevity of your extensions. 

2) Salt water/swimming in chlorine pools/waters. As this may effect the quality, color and/or adhesive in the extensions. It's always a good idea to keep your hair out of the water to ensure the best longevity of your extensions! 

3) Enter the salon at your own risk. Bombay hair is not responsible for the persons/salon installing your hair. As salons are not certified by us, we cannot take responsibility for the persons installing the hair. If you have any issues with the tape installation - this is between the client and salon. 

4) It's recommended to use very small sections of hair when applying tapes, some salons use too thick of sections and it will cause the tapes to fall out shortly after install. It's important to find a salon that has good reviews. Ask them about their customer service policies, especially if you are not satisfied with the installation. 

5) If the salon tones, dyes or uses hair tools on the hair that are too strong/hot - this can greatly affect the integrity of your extensions. If your hair feels dry, tangled, matted or like straw after leaving the salon - your hairdresser may have used chemicals that were too strong for the extensions, or possibly a hair tool that was way too hot for your extensions. Yes, it is absolutely possible to burn hair extensions, just like your own hair, it will fry and become damaged. This is between you and your salon to resolve this. 

6) Always check the quality of the hair extensions in the bag once your extensions arrive from Bombay Hair, if it's not up to your standards, you have 14 days to contact us for a return or exchange. If you feel the quality was perfect before your entered the salon, it's up to you and your hairdresser to resolve why the hair feels different after leaving the salon. 

7) Washing your hair daily is not recommended. Less moisture = longer hold. Many are accustomed to daily washing, it is not recommended to wash your extensions more than 3 times weekly. 

8) It's always a good idea to blow dry your hair/extensions after washing. Sleeping on wet hair will push moisture into the adhesive area and cause the bonds to come apart. Imagine putting a roll of tape in water for 8 hours - the adhesive won't stick. 

9) Always use a good deep conditioning treatment once per week on your hair, along with hair oil on the ends after washing. Bombay Hair recommends if you have long extensions to sleep with your hair in a braid or with a silk head scarf/cap around your head. This will assist with any pulling/shifting of your extensions while you sleep. Silk pillow cases are a great alternative also. 

10) Regular trims, just like your own hair, will help keep the ends of your extensions fresh and voluminous. This also alleviates tangling. 

11) Shedding is a normal part of our own hair, the same goes with hair extensions. Do not be alarmed if you have shedding. This does not mean product is defective. 

12) Dying your extensions or toning them at home is at your own risk. Using dyes that are semi-permanent (28 washes for example) may be a better option, as these are less damaging to hair than permanent hair colors. After extensions have been opened/dyed the sale becomes final.

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