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What is the Difference Between Virgin and Remy Hair?Updated a year ago

At Bombay Hair, we offer a range of hair extension options including tape-ins, weave, fusion (semi-permanent), and clip-ins. Each type has its unique qualities and distinctions to cater to different preferences and desired styles.

For our semi-permanent lines, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality 100% virgin hair. Virgin hair undergoes a different processing method compared to our clip-in extensions. It undergoes fewer treatments in the factory, resulting in a softer consistency. However, our tape-ins are specially designed to provide double the volume per tape-in section. We achieve this by using a double-drawn technique, ensuring a fuller and more voluminous look.

On the other hand, our clip-in extensions sets are crafted with 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair has a slightly thicker texture compared to virgin hair, requiring additional assistance in the factory during the dying process. We create our clip-ins to be thicker, using a double-wefted construction that extends from root to tip. This design choice ensures you get thicker hair and increased volume, which is particularly beneficial for those seeking a fuller look, such as for bridal hair or special occasions.

We understand that different individuals have varying preferences when it comes to their desired hair thickness and volume. That's why we utilize Remy hair for clip-ins, providing the extra thickness and volume that many people desire. Our goal is to offer options that cater to a wide range of styles and fulfill your specific needs.

Whether you choose our tape-ins or clip-ins, rest assured that we prioritize using high-quality hair and construction techniques to deliver exceptional results. We aim to provide you with the perfect extensions that not only enhance your natural beauty but also meet your expectations for thickness, volume, and overall aesthetic.

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