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How to exchange my Hair if the colour does not match?Updated 2 months ago

  • For Clips: You will notice your hair will arrive in two separate hair nets. the smaller bundle is your test piece. You can take off the net and test this piece against your hair. Simply hold it against your hair to see it if matches.
  • Need help with a color match for an exchange? We recommend holding the hair you ordered against your hair for a concrete color match for exchange. CLICK HERE for a color match.
  • Do not remove the gold ties attached. All the hair, including the tester, must be returned back for exchange or refund.

  • For Tapes/Fusion: You can remove the sandwiches from the hair net. Do not remove the brown ties.

  • For Weave hair: You can gently remove the weave from its package to test the color. Do not remove the zip tie.
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