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How long do Hair Extensions last?Updated 9 days ago

Care is key when it comes to the life of your hair! Since all our hair is 100% human hair the best advice is to treat it like your own hair. Always gently brush your hair during wear and before your store them away. Always store your hair properly in the zip bag provided, or on a hang-your-hair hanger inside of a carrier. The more products and heat you apply to your hair, the more love it will need! Clip-in extensions average life span is 3-6 months to well over a year! Tape, weave and fusion hair extensions average life span: 6-12 weeks, depending on care! Our semi-permanent line can be installed and re-installed. 

The best way to make these last longer is to not dye, purple shampoo or alter them in any way just like your own hair. This is an average life span and may be longer or shorter. Overall, the better you take care of your extensions the longer they will last. An important factor in expanding the lifespan of your extensions is by deep conditioning! It is great to deep condition them once a week (if you wear them often). Also, overnight deep conditioning with a small about of Argan or Almond Oil is just lovely for your extensions! We recommend laying your extensions flat to dry on satin or silk. Bombay Hair tape, weave and fusion hair is made from the highest grade of hair, 100% virgin human hair. This is our luxury hair line which is meant to last as long as possible with daily wear!

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