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How do I avoid damaging my Hair?Updated 10 days ago

Always treat your Bombay Hair like your own natural hair! Heat protectant sprays and hair oils are a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair when using our hair tools. Also, using a lower setting can assist with preventing damage to your natural hair. We do not recommend titanium styling tools to be used on hair extensions, we instead recommend using our tourmaline collection with hair extensions for best results! 

Pertaining to clip-in hair extensions, we do not recommend removing the clips for the clip-in extensions and sewing, gluing or any other method of installation for clip-in extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are not meant to be installed the same way as semi-permenent extensions and installing them in these methods can be extremely damaging to your clip ins. Avoid dying, toning or altering the hair in any way!

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